Healing the Spirit is a 60-minute documentary film that explores the techniques and positive approaches of Native American elders and Medicine Men who are dedicated to fighting addiction and healing the spirit of those dependent on alcohol and other drugs.

Substance abuse affects over 21 million Americans 12 years or older, with Native Americans affected at a higher percentage than the general population. There are limited addiction treatment resources available to Native Americans, both on tribal land and in the general community. With nearly 80% of Native Americans living off tribal lands, there are many cultural differences and concerns when these individuals seek treatment in community addiction treatment centers.
Healing the Spirit brings together traditional treatment program professionals with tribal elders , medicine men, doctors, university professors and other experts to highlight how population specific patient care can be developed and provided to meet the individual’s needs. Also, through weaving together interviews of Native American patients and their families who are on their path of recovery, we will document how traditional treatment has impacted their lives. Interviews with leading tribal elders, drawing on their insight into the current addiction crisis, will illuminate the power of traditional healing and spirituality for the modern Native American. Through the filming of patient groups and individual counseling therapies, coupled with interviews of administrators, physicians, counselors and line staff from traditional treatment programs, the need and efficacy of these programs will be chronicled.
Through this insightful look, Healing the Spirit will illuminate the traditional healing practices taking place in the addiction treatment area for Native American individuals and how these programs may help a broader patient population.


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