Fidel Moreno

Fidel Moreno –  Director/Producer

Fidel Moreno is a 28 year veteran of award winning documentaries that
advocate for traditional Native American wellness models and Native
American traditional healers and community leaders working for and
advocating for treaty rights, religious freedom practices, water
protection and human rights and environmental activism.

Fidel has produced and directed WIPING THE TEARS OF 7 GENERATIONS about
the 1890 Wounded Massacre and a Washigila, a Wiping The Tears ceremony
that had been lost for 100 years and also includes the historic Big Foot
Memorial Horse ride in the Northern Plains bitter winter.

He also produced and directed THE PEYOTE ROAD, A documentary for the U.S.
congress to address the Al Smith VS The United States Supreme Court
decision threatening the religious freedom and rights of assembly and use
of the sacrament, Peyote. Congress reviewed the THE PEYOTE ROAD
documentary and authorized the American Indian Freedom of Religion Act
reversing the U.S. Supreme Court decision and signed into federal law by
then incumbent President, Bill Clinton in 1993. This documentary
chronicles the legal, political and cultural facts around the Peyote
sacrament and also the healing and spiritual aspects of the Native
American Church and it’s members in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Fidel was the Field Producer for Kevin Costner’s 500 Nations and also
conducted all the ethnographic interviews with descendants of great and
historical tribal chiefs, healers and warriors. Fidel was also an AD for
Spielberg’s INTO THE WEST which aired on the Ted Turner channel.

Fidel mentors film and multi-media students at several colleges in the
Northeast and also facilitates lodges and wellness circles on several
college campus and has helped students and colleges identify students who
were suicidal on many occasions, i.e. Bennington College, Marlboro
College, Williams and Hampshire College, etc.

He also wrote, directed and produced WE ARE THE ONES WE ARE WAITING FOR –
Hopi Prayer and Prophecy with stirring footage of the public protest
against the Iraqi invasion and call for healing the nation and stop all
violence against all people by the United States.

Fidel is committed to collaboration with healers, educators, community
activists and leaders to bring healing to the heart and soul of America
and it’s many communities of color who have been impacted by the culture
of violence and racism in contemporary America.

It is with this strong intention and commitment to document the many
‘visible and invisible” healers and community leaders/activist who are
healing themselves, their families and communities to transform their
lives into vibrant, open and powerful communities of healing and