The Team

Fidel Moreno Director/Producer

Fidel Moreno identifies as Huichol, Chichimeca and Mexican American. He is an Oscar nominee in the Best Short Documentary category for “Wiping the Tears of 7 Generations” , he is a three time Telly Award winner for the “Peyote Road” and “500 Nations”. Mr. Moreno has worked in documentary film and video since 1983 and has focused his work on indigenous people and communities in Canada,United States, Mexico and Central America.
Mr. Moreno is passionate about working with youth development through cultural literacy, skill building, emotional development and purposeful life navigation. Mr. Moreno mentors film students, provides wellness programs for schools, community centers and the public. He is Director of Healing Winds.


James R. Kane Executive Producer

James Kane has over 40 years of healthcare experience, from counselor to CEO, developing and operating mental health and addiction treatment programs throughout the United States. Mr. Kane began his career in the 1970’s, providing vocational counseling to veterans, native Americans, physically challenged and adjudicated youth and adults.
Since that time, Mr. Kane has developed and directed adult, adolescent and geriatric mental health programs in 24 states. He has incorporated holistic health services in the treatment programs he managed. These programs include bio-feedback, DNA testing, intuitive smart phone continuing care, art, yoga, movement , music , acupuncture, dietary and traditional native American healing services.
Mr. Kane has long been an advocate for individualized holistic treatment that address’ the patient and families needs along with their cultural background. He looks to highlight important healing modalities and help establish a national dialog on alternative therapies in traditional hospitals and clinics.